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The firts church in Crest was Saint Mary’s church, now called the Franciscans’ chapel.

The second church was built during the XIIth century. It was situated in traditional manners i e from est to west. It was probably located in front of the present church, in the centre of the Charles de Gaulle’s place. From this church, the only thing left is the
"Ecce Homo" which you can see in a niche situated in the walls of the buildings at the eastern side of the place. In april 1836, this church collapsed.

It was in September 1836, that the town council decided to build a new church. ( In those days Crest was a rich town)

The project presented some specificities:

Modification of situation by 90° according to tradition (north- south)

Neo- classical style known from some churches in Italy ( or from the Madeleine in Paris) but unique in this part of France.

Changement of the location, around fifteen metres towards the north.

This changement led to the expulsion of some houses, as well as a cut of a part of the hill-side.

The building begun in 1842 and was finished in 1846


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