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Diocèse de Valence

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"The Celebration of the Saints proclaims the marvels of Christ among his servants and gives advisable examples to follow for all the believers.
During the anniversaries of the Saints, the Church proclaims the Easter mystery together with the saints who, having suffered with Christ, are glorified with him"
The IInd Vatican Council

The saints who are celebrated on the calendar of the diocese, are presented here bellow according to months and to names.

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 Saints Pétronus and Marcellus, Bishops of Die  Thursday 10 January
The two brothers, Petronus and Marcellus were born in Avignon. The elder one, Petronus, first begun as a monk in Lérins, and became Bishop of (...)

 Saint Barnard, Bishop of Vienne (January the 22nd)  Tuesday 22 January
Born around the year 780 in a noble family from Lyon, Barnard first served in Charles the Great’s Army and got maried in order to satisfy his (...)

 Saint Marius, Abbot of Bodon ( January the 27th )  Sunday 27 January
Saint Marius’ life was written down shortly after his death, at the end of the VIth century. He came from Orléans, and it was his reputation (...)

 Saint Paul, Bishop of Triscastin ( February the 1st)  Friday 1 February
The facts concerning this Bishop, due to the absence of historical documents, is that he has given his name to the town of Saint Paul, the (...)

 Saint Avit, Bishop of Vienne ( February the 4th)  Monday 4 February
Avit, like his brother Apollinaire, was born in Vienne after the year 450. When his father, Bishop Hesychius died, he succeeded on the seat of (...)

 Saint Hugues, Bishop of Grenoble ( April the 1st )  mardi 1er avril
This Bishop of Grenoble was born around the year 1053, in the village of Chateauneuf- sur- Isère, where his family was the Masters of the place. (...)

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