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Along the old road leading from Saint- Paul Trois Châteaux to Saint Restitut, on the way to the village, we find the Chapel of the Holy Grave. This plateau is poor land with ancient terrace- cutures and olive- trees.

The existence of this chapel is due to the will of a Bishop, Count of saint Paul, coming back from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1508. His name was Guillaume Adhemar du Monteil.
From the chapel there is a beautiful sight of the moutains of la Lance, Clansaye and so on. The site is protected land, and is the joy to many painters.

The architecture of the chapel is the same as the one of the Holy Grave, with six panels. It is of gothic style (including signatures from piece -workers and graffities: W. de Mévouillon).
The inside is simple with only some archades of gothic, flamboyant style. The stone- altar made out of stones from St Réstitut was dedicated by his Highness D- L Marchand, Bishop of Valence.

A little further away on the same plateau ther is a calvary.


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