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Beautifully situated in the high valley of Vercors (Drôme), at an altitude of 912 metres, the Carthusian Abbaye of Leoncel was founded in 1137 by monks from the order of Citeaux.

The cloister church is to a great part built in romane style, however, with a discrete transition towards gothic style. The beauty of the limestone, the tight architecture at the cross-road of influences from Provence, the Alps, Auvergne and Burgondy, the reception of the light wich justified this choice.

Scattered in1791, the Carthusian Community of Léoncel had already set its religious print ona hugh moutain area, rapidly completed, as well, through other communitiesas well in the valley around Valence, as in the moutain region of Royan or at the foot of the Vercors.

The Abbey itself was founded in 1137. The present nave was rebuilt between 1200 and 1230. In 1389, almost all the buildings (except the abbatial building itsef and the porch)were devastated by a groupe of brigands. In 1790, the dissolving of the abbay and the expulsion of the monks turned the abbay into a parish church.

Concerning the pictures:
3 - The statue representing Saint Hugues is to the left as you enter the nave.
4 - The pulpet is to the right as you entre the choire. It is made out of five scupted panels.
6 - While walking alongside the old main-altar, you find your-self in the most ancinet part of the Abbay.
7 - The only footprints left from the old cloister are visible in the entrencehall of the Town
Hall ( the building next to the right of the abbatial building).


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