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Ora and Labora in silence

The Abbay belongs to the Carthusian ordre of strict obedience (Trapists). The monk follow saint Benoît’s rule. Their day, from 3 30 am to 8 00 pm is divided into moments of work, church services, prayer and reading.

Since 1137, except during the period from 1791 to 1815, there have always been monks in Aiguebelle. There were monks who were bakers, stone-cutters, shoe makers, gardeners... They could live a life of self- support!

Today there are only around thirty monks in the Monastery. ( There were 200 at the beginning of the XXth century).
As in many other monasteries, only a small part is open to vositors ( the shop, the back of the church and the land surrounding the Abbay.
The pictures which are presented have mainly been taken inside the closed part thanks to the kind permission of the Abbot Father.
On the site of the Abbay you will find details about life and history of the community.


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