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The domain is located at the south of the village of Allex. The sanctuary is dedicated to Saint Joseph. At the origine of the castle there was and ancient fortified monastery with, on its first flor, a wooden manor.

It was in 1773 that the marquis de la Chaux (un ally to La Tour du Pin) replaced the manor, preferring three storeys in Italian renaissance style.
In 1868

René La Tour du Pin sold the property to M. Bontoux, a friend to François- Jospeh and Elisabeth (alias Sissi) of Austria. This relationship explains the gifts of several pieces of Art. At M Bontoux’s decease in 1913, M Pierre Girardon, a friend of M Hyacinte de Gaillard - Bancel, became the new owner.

It was through the intermediary of M Hyacinte de Gaillard- Bancel, that the domain was given to the congregation of the Holy Spirit and of the sacred Heart of Mary.


 The congregation
The congregation of the Holy Spirit and of the Sacred Heart of Mary. It was in 1703, that Claude Poullard des Places founded the Society of (...)

 Visit of the Sanctuary
The altar,comes from Suze (Italy); This became the refuge of the school after its expulsion in 1904 and befor the arrival in Allex in 1920. (...)

 The winter chapell
To the left from the presidium seats, there is a door which allows access to the ancient sacristy which has been transformed into a chapel. (...)


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The sanctuary

Sanctuary exterior

The Park

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