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Prayer is a time set apart, a shorter or longer moment, in relationship with God.
It is to offer him all parts of our lives; our joy, our souffering, our difficulties, our failure, our gratitude, our demands...

 Prayer, what is it ?
Prayer is to set a part a certain time, short or long, to be in relationship with God. It is to offer him all parts of our lives: our joy our (...)

 Prayer, what for ?
It would be easy to answer...for nothing, it is a waste of time ! Prayer is a free act, and this is already one of its values. Why ask for (...)

 How do we pray ?
First of all, it is important to focus on God who is present in each one of us. If we don’t take the time to stop for a moment, to silence our (...)

 Is it not better to be serving rather than praying ?
The second commandment that Jesus left us is " Love one another as I have loved you" This love for our neighbours is therefore essential. (...)

 I cannot pray. I do not know what to say...
There are many different ways of praying. The prayer we call "spontaneous" is only one way. It can be used to say thanks for a word or for (...)

 I don’t have the time to pray.
This is a well heard sentence, and it is true that we so easily are overwhelmed by our every day life. Our days are filled of events and it is (...)


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