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Legitimate union of two persons (man and woman) under conditions implied by the Law
Through the sacrement of marriage the husband and the wife give each other life- long promise in front of God and the Church.

 We would like to get married at church. What to do ?
As soon as a couple has decided upon a date for their wedding, they should contact one of their parishes, even if tradition is more likely to (...)

 I will marry someone who is not a catholic. Can we have a church- marriage?
Normally, it is still possible to get married at church, even to someone who is not a catholic. If the person is not a Catholic but a (...)

 Marriage without the Holy Communion, is it a real marriage ?
Yes, a church marriage where there is no communion celebrated is still a marriage, recognised as such by the Church. Communion and marriage are (...)

 I am now a widower / a widow. What support can I expect from the Church ?
The loss of a husband or a wife remains a suffering which time can never totally erase. Talking to someone may help easing the pain. Meeting (...)

 I am divorced. Can I remarry in Church ?
No, it is not possible for a divorced person, already married once in church, to remarry. To the Church, the first marriage is still valid. (...)


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