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The church has always prayed for the deads.
During each Mass, there is a special mentioning of those who have left this earth.

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 How is the religious celebration organised ?
Before the funeral service, it is important to take the following measures; usually to contact a firm of undertakers which will contact the (...)

 What is the meaning of the different gestures made during the funeral service ?
The Cross:Cross on the top of the cuffin, cross to open the procession or flowers arranged as a cross, the cross is above all the sign of God’s (...)

 What part can the family take during the ceremony ?
During the funeral service, the members of the family are invited to take an active part in the celebration: light the candles around the coffin, (...)

 Should children attend funerals ?
If the deceased person is very close to the child, yes of course. Also if the child expresses the desire to do so. It is a way to share (...)

 Is it possible to have Christian funeral without a priest present?
The presence of a priest during the funeral is not necessary even if preferable. Without generalising, we must admit that funerals are held (...)

 Is it possible for a non baptised to have a Christian funeral ?
Christian funeral is a service for baptised Christians. It is not a sacrament, but there is a very strong link between the baptism, which (...)


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