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This is the traditional name given to the sacrement of penitence and of reconciliation. The penitent "confesses" his sins to the priest, God’s delegate, in order to receive absolution.

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 What is a confession and how to prepare for it ?
The sacrement of forgiveness ( or of penitence or of reconciliation) is a volontary act of confession in front of a Priest in order to receive (...)

 Usually, what happens ?
The sacrement of reconsiliation is given by the priest during a conversation in prayer between him and the person. You tell your sins to the (...)

 Where and when can I confesse ?
There is no specific place nor any specific moment for confession. The sacrement of reconciliation must not be an obligation, but a personal need (...)

 Why confess, when we know we will do it again ?
We can sometimes feel discouraged as we confess, as we know that we will do the same sins over and over again. The temptation is to consider (...)

 What to do when there is nothing to say ?
Confession is not always an easy thing to do and it requires a certain courage to do. Sometimes, we don’t see what our sins could be, and we (...)

 Why not confesse directly to God himself ?
There are various ways to receive forgiveness for our sins. Confession to a priest is the main way, but there could be other ways such as prayer (...)


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