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Prayer for our children
Christening Prayer

Rite by which is realized the membership(support) to the Christ .Il admitted the baptized in the mystery of Easter " death(dead man) and resurrection of Jesus Christ ". It is in Him that quite baptized in the water and in the Spirit is immersed to return to the new life. This rite admits the new baptized to the community of the Church.

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 How to prepare the christening of our child ? Who to go to ?
Usually, the preparation of the christening ceremony is done together with the family’s parish. Therefor it is necessary to contact the priest (...)

 What happens during the ceremony ?
The celebration begins with the welcomming of the child at the entrance of the church. Here, the parents ask the celebrant (priest or deacon) to (...)

 Who can become a godfather or a godmother ? What are their responsibilities?
The Church asks for several requirements in order to be able to assume the task of a god- mother or a godfather. More than links of frienship or (...)

 Who can baptise ?
The normal celebrants of a christening are the Bishop, a priest or a deacon. In case of danger of death, a layman may baptise. In all (...)

 My child is between 2 and 5 years old. Is it still possible to have it christened?
It is possible to receive baptisme at any moment of life. However, at this age, the preparation of the ceremony can become more difficult. It (...)

 My son or my daughter is over 5 years old or is a teenager. How do we prepare their christening ?
The preparation and the celebration of the christening of a child who attends school is different from the christening of an adult. A child can (...)


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